Asian Society for Pigment Cell Research (ASPCR)

The aim of ASPCR is to promote research, education and relations among members in the Asia-Pacific region who are interested in dermatological problems that arise from pigment cell abnormalities. The organization was founded in 2004 with Dr Prasad Kumarasinghe elected as President and Dr Davinder Parsad as Secretary General, to promote and encourage the exchange of information and collaboration between scientists and clinicians from Asia who are involved in basic or clinical research on pigmentary disorders. ASPCR was officially admitted to the International Federation of Pigment Cell Societies (IFPCS) in 2005 and joins the three other established societies: European (ESPCR), Pan-American (PASPCR) and Japanese (JSPCR).

The first major activity of the ASPCR was to organize the First Conference of Asian Society for Pigment Cell Research on ‘Pigmentary Disorders in the Asian Skin’ in February 2005 in New Delhi, India.  It was a great success with over 200 Asian delegates attending and faculty from the USA, France, UK, Japan, Singapore, India, China, Malaysia and Sri Lanka making valuable contributions. Since then one of the main activities of ASPCR is the organization of Annual ASPCR conference, which is hosted in a different Asian country each year. The ASPCR plans to focus on pigmentary disorders more unique, prevalent or problematic to Asian patients, both at the laboratory and clinical levels and the meetings organized by the ASPCR will reflect this objective.

This young society would welcome academic and research exchanges to raise the standard of pigment cell research and clinical research on pigmentary disorders across Asia.   Access to the pigment cell and melanoma research (PCMR) journal, scholarships, privileged registration fees to the ASPCR annual meeting and for all sister pigment cell research societies around the world (JSPCR, ESPCR & PASPCR), lower registration fees to the triennial IFPCC, travel awards and Scholarships, networking opportunities with dermatologists, scientists and industry experts, and online discussion platform for members with regular updates, newsletters on research, practice and education in this sphere of dermatology and pigment cell research are all intrinsic benefits of ASPCR membership.

With its growing membership ASPCR is looking forward to achieve greater heights in the standard of pigment cell research and clinical research on pigmentary disorders across Asia. The forthcoming conference on ‘Colours of Health and Disease’ organized jointly by ASPCR and Sri Lanka College of Dermatologists (SLCD) will undoubtedly be a leap forward in this direction.