ASPCR Oration

Criteria for the Inaugural ASPCR Oration 

  • The Prospective candidates should submit the summary of the proposed ASPCR Oration in 500 words or less, with his/her curriculum vitae, through the weblink.
  • Work carried out during in a period, in a particular area of pigmentary disorders will be favoured rather than results of one quick study.
  • The candidates are required to submit names of two referees.
  • The Orations Selection Committee will evaluate the submissions and select the ASPCR Orator for 2018.
  • If the submissions are not considered suitable in a given year, the ASPCR Orations Committee may nominate an Orator who has published extensively in a focused area of pigmentary disorders research.
  • The ASPCR Oration award will be awarded during each ASPCR Conference, commencing from 2018.
  • The selected Orator will deliver the Inaugural ASPCR Oration during the Inauguration Ceremony of the ASPCR - Sri Lanka College of Dermatologists (SLCD) Joint meeting on 15th August 2018 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The time allocated for the oration would be 30 minutes.
  • After the Oration the Orator will be awarded a Medal and a Certificate at the ASPCR-SLCD meeting Inauguration Ceremony.