Programme ASPCR

Time Friday, 17th August 2018
The Balmoral - Hall A
Friday, 17th August 2018
Parallel Sessions
The Winchester - Hall B
Saturday, 18th August 2018
The Balmoral - Hall A
07.30 - 08.00 AM Registration Free Papers
08.00 - 08.30 am Inherited disorders of pigmentation
Prof Jayamini Seneviratne (Sri Lanka)
Free Papers
08.30 - 09.00 am Recent advances of genetic diagnosis in pigmentary disorders
Prof Vajira Dissanayaka (Sri Lanka)
Effect of environmental stress on melanocytes
Prof Sang Ho Oh (South Korea)
09.00 - 09.30 am Lasers in pigmentary disorders - an update
Dr Michelle Rodrigues (Australia)
Recent advances in melanin transfer mechanisms
Dr Yan Lu (China)
09.30 - 10.00 am LED in Dermatological Treatment
Prof Flora Xiang (China)
Melanocyte stem cell
Dr Min Jiang (China)
10.00 - 10.30 am Tea Break Tea Break Tea Break
10.30 - 11.00 am Recent advances in pathogenesis of vitiligo and implications for medical treatment
Prof Davinder Parsad (India)
Free Papers Liquid biopsy in melanoma
Prof Melanie Ziman (Australia)
11.00 - 11.30 am Vitiligo and the microbiome
Prof Caroline Le Poole (USA)
Free Papers Acral lentiginous melanoma
Prof Nikolas Haass (Australia)
11.30 - 12.00 nn Current Novel Concept on Measuring the Extent of Vitiligo using Computer Image Analysis of Digital Photographs
Prof Steven Thng (Singapore)
Free Papers Melanoma progression and the aged microenvironment
Prof Ashani Weeraratna (USA)
12.00 - 12.30 am Optimizing outcome of cellular grafting in vitiligo
Dr Boon Kee Goh (Singapore)
Free Papers Confocal microscopy in pigmentary disorders
Dr Pan Zhanyan (China)
12.30 - 01.30 PM Lunch Lunch Lunch
01.30 - 02.00 pm Approach and differential diagnosis of vitiligo
Dr Michelle Rodrigues (Australia)
Free Papers Dermoscopy of pigmented lesions in skin of color
Dr Sidharth Sonthalia (India)
02.00 - 02.30 pm A global consensus on macular pigmentation of uncertain aetiology
Prof Prasad Kumarasinghe (Australia)
Free Papers Melanophages in health and disease
Dr Johannes Dayrit (The Philippines)
02.30 - 03.00 pm New Trends in cosmaceutical depigmenting preparations
Prof Kyoung Chan Park (South Korea)
Free papers Epidemic Cydnidae pigmentation: a novel disorder
Prof M Ramam (India)
03.00 - 03.30 pm Tea Break Tea Break Tea Break
03.30 - 04.00 pm Keratinocytes… the main culprits behind melasma
Prof Steven Thng (Singapore)
Free Papers Sunscreens and skin ageing
Prof Eric Lan (Taiwan)
04.00 - 04.30 pm What's new in treatment of melasma
Prof Rashmi Sarkar (India)
Free Papers Update on depigmenting agents
Dr Gayani Liyanage (Sri Lanka)
04.30 - 05.00 pm Hypo and hyperpigmented mycosis fungoides in skin of color
Dr Trilokraj Tejasvi (USA)
Free Papers Topic to be decided
05.00 - 05.30 pm

Note: final programme timings may change

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