Programme Pigmentary Disorders Society Sister Society Meeting

Pigmentary Disorders Society Sister Society Meeting

Tentative Programme

Thursday, 16th August 2018
The Winchester– Hall B




01.30 - 01.40  pm

Pigmentary Disorders in dark skin-An introduction

Dr Rashmi Sarkar

Management Issues in Hyperpigmentation

01:40 - 01:50 pm

Management of lichen planus pigmentosus

Dr Neena Khanna

01:50 - 02.00 pm

Cocktail management of hyperpigmentation

Dr Deepali Bhardwaj

Lasers in Pigmentary Disorders

02:00 - 02:10 pm

Lasers in periorbital hyperpigmentation & rejuvenation

Dr Bhavesh Swarnakar

02:10 - 02:20 pm

Lasers in hypopigmented disorders

Dr Atul Kathed

02:20 - 02:30 pm

Tattoo removal in skin of colour: a study of 75 patients

Dr A Selvam

Less discussed aspects of vitiligo

02:30 - 02:40 pm

Cytokine profile in vitiligo

Dr Pooja Arora Mrig

02:40 - 02:50 pm

Psychosocial aspect of vitiligo

Dr Rajesh Sinha

Management of melasma

02:50 - 03.00 pm

A prospective, randomized, split-face trial of glycolic acid  peels versus laser toning  in the treatment of melasma in Asian skin .”

Dr Jasleen Kaur

03.00 - 03:10 pm

Advance peels in hyperpigmentation

Dr Zubin Mandlewala

03:10 - 03:20 pm

Tranexamic acid in melasma

Dr Mala Bhalla

Different facets of hyper pigmentation

03:20 - 03:30 pm

Clinical, dermatoscopic and trichoscopic analysis of frontal fibrosing alopecia associated with acquired dermal macular hyperpigmentation: A cross sectional observational case-control study

Dr Sendhil Kumaran

03:30 - 03:40 pm

Malignant melanoma in skin of color

Dr Trilok Tejasvi

03:40 - 03:50 pm

Lip pigmentation

Dr Richa Ojha Sharma

03:50 - 04.00 pm

Hypo and Hyper pigmentary spots on the body: how to diagnose Arsenicosis and other disorder

Dr R N Dutta

04:00 - 04:20 pm


04:20 - 04:40 pm

Panel discussion – How I manage difficult cases of pigmentation

Dr Tarun Narang
Dr Latika Arya
Dr Sonali Verma

04:40 - 04.50 pm

Fairness craze in India & its consequences

Dr Arijit Coondoo

Update on vitiligo management

04.50 - 05.00 pm

Optimizing Cell-Suspension Transplantation in Vitiligo 

Dr Somesh Gupta

05:00 - 05:10 pm

Surgical management of vitiligo through hair follicle grafting

Dr Deepak Mohana

05:10 - 05:20 pm

Recent Update on NB UVB in vitiligo

Dr Sunil Dogra

05:20 - 05:30 pm

Comparison between dexamethasone oral mini pulse and azathioprine in vitiligo 

Dr Smita Priyadarshani